joaner arok

chances are that if you are a bong..if you are from Calcutta and its whereabouts…and if you are a die hard foodie, which incidentally would include most of the bongs under the sun…you would have certainly heard of Joaner Arok…officially known as Aqua Ptychotis..

and as bongs are wont to do, they overeat…so whenever and where ever they come across a mouth watering spread, chances are that they dig in…with gusto and without a thought about the aftermath…

which is where, our redoubtable friend, His Eminence Joaner Arok steps in… the ultimate life saver!

here’s how you are supposed to have it…pour a teaspoonful of the liquid into a cup of water…well, make it two spoons if you are one of the chronic sufferers..and gulp it down..right, the operational word over here is GULP..

because there is no chance in a million that you would prefer to analyse the colour of the contents, take a sniff and a sip and roll it on your tongue to appreciate the full bodied nature of the liquid…neither are you going to go gaga on the aftertaste..

dirty business, u say?..well, for those who have had it, and who inevitably swear by it, they would like to agree and disagree…i haven’t met anyone so far who has professed a love for the taste of Joaner Arok..but you will never see anyone the least bit unhappy about having consumed it..

because Joaner Arok spells resurrection for many..and in the shortest timeframe possible…

so while we have the digenes and the gelusils and the pudin haras of the world crowding and jostling for space in the chemist counters’ and in our minds, Joaner Arok doesn’t seem to suffer from a similar lack of identity…

for if you have ever been in dire straits and have come across a kind soul who introduced you to this magic potion, chances are that you will be a convert for life..

the name, as it suggests, is a herbal extract from ajwain…and here comes the best part..which i stumbled upon after a chance encounter with one of my school friends..who, as you correctly guessed in the current context, is a foodie…it seems to have a humungous level of alocohol content in it…no reason now why one shouldn’t have it, right?? 🙂

given that this is manufactured by Bengal Pharma, who simply refuse to believe that they have a winner in their hands, you will have to trudge east to Calcutta to get a ‘file’ of this…so next time you are in Calcutta, and you have bitten off more than you can chew, fear not!..all you have to do is to go to the local chemist shop and say “Dada, Joaner Arok. Ekta boro file deben” (give me one big pack of Joaner Arok)

and take back a couple of them with you for good measure…as you wont get these elsewhere.

so there…i always say that my father is a brand ambassador for this wonder drug…because whenever he goes on long trips, he takes it along..and more importantly, he champions it to anyone and everyone he meets…like father, like son..i think, i am doing my bit by talking about it in the world wide web.

One Response to “joaner arok”
  1. Bristee says:

    oh no! this cannot come in blog space. I don’t know if its good or bad but it taste yuk

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