are they serious??

I couldnt believe my eyes when I read this…why why why??

Plan to allow firecrackers till midnight

Viju B | TIMES NEWS NETWORK Mumbai: 19.11.09

If this Diwali was earsplitting thanks to police inaction, the next one may be even noisier courtesy the Union ministry of environment and forests. In a draft amendment to the Noise Rules, 2000, the ministry has proposed extending the 10 pm deadline for firecrackers till midnight for 15 days of the year; it also proposes giving autonomous powers to district magistrates to notify these extension days.

I come from a state where bursting soundcrackers are banned. Period. There was a lot of hullabaloo when this law was passed, but I think better sense prevailed on all, when they got to see the benefits of having such a law.

I wait for the day when all soundcrackers will be banned and the only things we get to see would be those noiseless crackers that light up the night sky..

Light crackers light up the evening sky

now isn’t that a pretty sight..and something that everyone can enjoy!


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