22 cops fight off 200 Reds, save 150 lives

TOI, Times Nation, Page 11, dated Apr 14th, 2009..

this story of true courage and heroism is relegated to Pg 11 of the TOI under the Times Nation section.

logically therefore, we have more important/newsworthy things happening elsewhere…so what does the front page carry?

1) Whose poll is it anyway?
2) Mahindras buy Satyam
3) India’s 26/11 proof not enough: Pak
4) In AP, rush is on to get cash and liquor to voters
5) Cell, cable operators looting people: SC
6) DGCA: dozing pilots have overshot routes

looks to me like the editor had dozed off today..why else would he want to relegate this piece of news to Pg 11 and put in mundane elements on the front page. Apart from the central story on the polls (understandable with the impending elections) and Mahindra’s buyout of Satyam (breaking news), all the rest are to my mind less important than the news of how, “for 10 hours a small band of 22 CISF jawans battled more than 200 heavily armed Maoists, without back-up or reinforcements, and saved the lives of 150 Nalco staff who were held hostage by the guerrillas

Is this because this happened in Orissa? Because I can quite imagine a different front page layout if this had happened in any of the metros, elections be damned! Reams of newsprint would have been spent in lauding the achievements of our jawans, doing all the soft stories on the survivors and we would certainly have had a few candle lit processions for the ones who had fallen, as a response to this coverage..

To add insult to injury, we have a front page update of how Pakistan is claiming everything and owning upto nothing..as if we hadn’t heard that before..Voters being lured with booze and cash…not a path breaking development in our political landscape exactly…Pilots dozing off….etc etc..

this amazing story of bravery could have happened in Guatemala for all we care…

I salute our heroes in the CISF!

One Response to “22 cops fight off 200 Reds, save 150 lives”
  1. totally totally agree!!!

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