Whats in a name

or so mused the famous bard a few centuries back..what do you think?..does it matter at all?..i think it does…but more about that later..

for starters, if names were not so important, then most of our present day numerologists would be out of business…well let me clear the air right at the outset…i harbour no ill feelings towards these professionals..nevertheless, how such a development would help though is that we will never have to second guess someone’s name..so for example, if my old friend Prerna is coming back to town and i want to send her a happy homecoming mail, then chances are that i won’t be scratching my head…would that be Prerna from our good old days or Prrerna..well, the possibilities are endless…or how about Prerrna…not to mention the importance of the alphabet A in Indian naming customs..so there’s a high chance that my friend might have turned into a Prernaa…confusions galore to say the least..

if you look around you, chances are, that the names of a greater proportion of people you bump into would start with an A..at least for men….Bongs, for example, have a predilection for names starting with A and S..don’t agree with me??…check out any of the naming sites online…the variety that you will get for these two alphabets far outstrip the options listed under any other…

but seriously speaking, when new parents name their babies (in India, the entire family tree would be co-opted into the naming process), the names that they choose for their babies would be a reflection of their aspirations, their dreams and their value systems..most of our names can be traced back to the names of one of our Gods and Goddesses..so in more ways than one, our naming customs take its cues quite liberally from Indian mythology and culture..

coming back to what made me start off on this…a couple of weeks back, i was sitting in a popular Indian food joint with some of my colleagues..the main course having been dispensed with the generous accompaniments of ooohs and aaahs , we were mulling over the options in the dessert section..now this place is known for its firni and faloodas..while i would choose a firni over anything else anyday, the options listed under the falooda section were equally enticing…and so it went…rose falooda, royal falooda, kulfi falooda, triple falooda and so on and so forth…and then my eyes rested on something called GADBAD FALOODA….excuse me….are you serious?…my question to the waiter sounded derisive enough…the good soul that he is, he considered it his duty to inform me that it wasn’t a typo….its named so, tongue in cheek, not for the after effects that it might generate on an unsuspecting soul should he chance his fate with that offering but more as a ploy to make people sit up and take notice…well, it certainly made me do that…and when the waiter was through with describing it in detail, i had made up my mind..so here goes..

Gadbad the Great

Gadbad the Great

three types of kulfi layered with falooda seeds, cream, syrup, jelly, cashew nuts and raisins…do you think thats sinful enough?..frankly, i couldn’t care less…

all i know is that one bright soul somewhere thought of a name good enough to hold my attention…and all to his benefit…

3 Responses to “Whats in a name”
  1. Ameya says:

    Exactly where do you get this GADBAD FALOODA??
    please reply ASAP!!
    it looks like heaven!!!

    • SaB says:

      Ameya, you will find this gem at Cafe Nooranis’, just off the Haji Ali junction in Bombay. Its been a while since I had it last, but I do have fond memories.

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