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joaner arok

chances are that if you are a bong..if you are from Calcutta and its whereabouts…and if you are a die hard foodie, which incidentally would include most of the bongs under the sun…you would have certainly heard of Joaner Arok…officially known as Aqua Ptychotis.. and as bongs are wont to do, they overeat…so whenever and where ever they … Continue reading

are they serious??

I couldnt believe my eyes when I read this…why why why?? Plan to allow firecrackers till midnight Viju B | TIMES NEWS NETWORK Mumbai: 19.11.09 If this Diwali was earsplitting thanks to police inaction, the next one may be even noisier courtesy the Union ministry of environment and forests. In a draft amendment to the … Continue reading

Ashtamudi – Kerala

to carry on from my previous post about our trip to Kerala….given that its been more than a year that we have been there, this post would be more of a photoblog.. the lakefront property has about twenty odd rooms..and we were very impressed with the view…the good part about it is that all the … Continue reading

22 cops fight off 200 Reds, save 150 lives

TOI, Times Nation, Page 11, dated Apr 14th, 2009.. this story of true courage and heroism is relegated to Pg 11 of the TOI under the Times Nation section. logically therefore, we have more important/newsworthy things happening elsewhere…so what does the front page carry? 1) Whose poll is it anyway? 2) Mahindras buy Satyam 3) … Continue reading


Ever since one of my friends….and as it so turned out, an endless procession of friends and common acquaintances managed to sneak in and came back raving about the beauty of God’s own country, we had been planning to do a trip as well..we finally managed to land up in Kerala around the Independence day … Continue reading

Believe it or not

Just came across this gem in the papers today… At Sydney restaurant, water’s on wine list Water is the new wine at a top-notch Sydney restaurant offering health-conscious customers “bold” or “velvety” varieties which can cost as much as some vintages. In what appears to a first in major wine producer Australia, Kable’s restaurant at … Continue reading

Whats in a name

or so mused the famous bard a few centuries back..what do you think?..does it matter at all?..i think it does…but more about that later.. for starters, if names were not so important, then most of our present day numerologists would be out of business…well let me clear the air right at the outset…i harbour no … Continue reading


two things i liked about OSO are these… thats it! i have never before seen a movie where i was growing increasingly restless with every passing fact believe it or not, i would have dozed off in the first twenty minutes of the film if not for a gentle nudge from my better half…”bad form”, … Continue reading

fun n frolic in Kashid

barely a few hours drive from Bombay lies a wonderful place called Kashid.. we discovered it one windy day when we decided to take a short break from the usual..the plan was to land up there and search for a hotel that will match our budget, as we were going on a weekday…i may just … Continue reading

the big small car

this is my first post….and yet i am not suitably enthu to write a post…so here goes one of my posts from a consumer opinion site… ***************************************************************  its been more than a year and a half since i bought a red swift vxi…and i have had a whale of a time since then… the first time … Continue reading